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If you feel your team/player has been mistreated by an umpire or opposition player or that the behaviour of a spectator or official is inappropriate you have the right to have your grievance heard. Contact information for MVD committee members is on the about page SHNA executive members can usually be found in the clubhouse on Saturdays. 

Please note  -  complaints issues should be handled sensitively and without malice or bias. In all complaints matters, it is important to take time to calm down and reflect before acting. A delay of 24 hours is advisable, as is consulting with other team officials/members before proceeding with formal complaints. Where complaints involve children, adults need to act appropriately and be mindful of the age and ability of those involved.

Captains and coach/managers may clarify a rule with an umpire between quarters or at the end of the game. However, players can be penalised for questioning an umpire's decision during the game. Repeated poor behaviour towards an umpire during a game can see penalties awarded or advanced or a player excluded for the remainder of a match.

If you are unhappy with the performance of an umpire, the manager or coach of the team can contact the umpire mentor on the day or the SHNA umpire co-ordinator (Kelsey Attwood) or approach a member of the SHNA executive to have the issue noted in the SHNA book. Any complaints or issue in the book are raised at SHNA executive meetings.

If you have a problem with the behaviour of a player the first point of contact is the manager/coach of the players team or the club contact/president of the players team. If the complaint relates to playing, such as repeated contacting or language, the captain may clarify these rules with an umpire between quarters or at the end of the game. 

You may also contact the club president of whichever club the player is from or have the issue noted in the SHNA book. In some cases a formal complaint may also be written to SHNA.

It is a good idea to take some time and reflect on the behaviour of all concerned and to discuss the matter with the coach and manager before filing a complaint. When doing this it is important to make sure you are aware of all the facts.

Spectators are not permitted on the sidelines of the courts (only the ends). Parents and spectators are expected to adhere to code of conduct including refraining from swearing and making inappropriate comments about the team, opposition or officials.

Where a spectator is behaving inappropriately, the first point of contact is the coach/manager of the team with whom the spectators are connected. It is this managers responsibility to approach these spectators and address their behaviour. SHNA executive members can also be approached for assistance. Incidents can also be recorded in the SHNA book in the clubhouse.

If you have a problem with an official, Club president or SHNA executive member the appropriate course of action is to write to SHNA or put the information in the SHNA complaints book. The complaint should be made through the manager/coach of your team.​

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