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All Dragonflies players, officials and parents must adhere to the Netball NSW Codes of behaviour policies. 



To find all the NNSW policies including code of conduct and member protection click here 



Code of Conduct

Your conduct

Moss Vale Dragonflies is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of all our players and volunteers. Please remember that coaches, managers, umpires and officials working across both Dragonflies and SHNA are volunteers who are giving their time to help you or your child enjoy netball. 

We ask that:

-          players, coaches, officials and spectators treat each other with respect 
-          any issues with players, umpires, coaching or other aspects of the game are raised through the appropriate channels.
-          players and officials arrive on time to training sessions and games
-          if you are running late or unable to make training or a game please notify your manager and/or coach.
-          For players, under 18 please ensure that you pick up your children from training or games promptly. 

If you have any problems or concerns please raise them with your manager or feel free to raise them with the President or the appropriate MV Dragonflies committee member

Our philosophy and approach

Moss Vale Dragonflies always attempt to find the best teams and divisions for all players. When we place players in teams we take into consideration their ability, experience, age, size and friendships.  Our aim is to help build skills and develop players and teams while also trying to ensure players develop a sense of community and an understanding of fairness and sportsmanship. While we strive to do our best, we not do support a win at all costs approach and recognise that long term development and growth sometimes means having a season where individuals or teams may not experiences as much success as they might like.  

Below is a general guide to ages and divisions but as with all guides there will be exceptions.

Netta - kindergarten - year 2 (those players who are new to netball and learning rules and skills)

Junior 3 - Year 2 -4 (Year 3 and 4 players in this division would be relatively new to netball)

Junior 2 - Years 3 - 4 (usually these players have had a year in junior netball or are older/taller but new to the sport)

Junior 1 - Years 4 - 6 (usually players are in years 5 and 6, only competent year 4 players would be in Div 1)

Intermediate  - Years 5 - 8 (Competent year 5 players may be placed here but intermediates is usually for good Year 6 players and years 7 and 8)

Cadets  - Years 7 - 9 (Cadets is usually high school students and rep players)

Opens - Aged 15+  (Opens is appropriate for higher level players over the age of 15 and usually playing or have played representative netball)


Grading Day

In order to place children in teams that suit their abilities and interests, MVD will hold a grading day . It is an important part of creating cohesive and successful teams and it is expected that all junior, intermediate and cadets players will attend.

MVD will contact all players who are registered with Grading day information 

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