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Injuries during a game

If you are injured during a game or at training, you need to fill in an injury report within 24hours. You will also need to include the names of the umpires so this is best done at the time of the injury. Injury reports are found on the back of score sheets with additional copies found in the clubhouse. Please see  the pdfs in the resources section for further information on treating injuries.

Preventing injuries

Injury prevention is a crucial part of any teams training and warm up process. 

Netball Australia has developed a comprehensive warm-up program called the KNEE program specifically designed to prevent knee injuries.

All coaches should use these as part of their standard warm-up before games and training. Attention to the correct execution of each stretch is important in preventing injury.


The KNEE program has both manuals (detailed information about each of the exercises and how to do them correctly) and guides (lists of activities to choose from at each session). Below you can find each of these for Junior (11-14) Recreation (14+ and junior representative) and elite (older and more able athletes). You can also find a coaching manual here

You can also click on the Knee program window  (to access the site including information and videos of exercise).

KNEE junior manual 

KNEE junior guide

KNEE recreation manual

KNEE recreation guide

KNEE elite manual

KNEE elite guide

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